Hero Complex - Onyx Black FiGPiN 2x4 - Slim version

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**Slim version is intended for new customers.**

The Slim version of our popular FiGPiN Display still holds eight 3" hardcase pins but in a smaller footprint on your wall.

-Slim version Dimensions are 10.5"x 10.7" x 1.35" 

-Slim version is made to match the depth of the Hero Complex 1x1 single display soon to be sold on FiGPiN.com

-Displays 8 FiGPiNs

-Made from PLA Plastic

-This is a 3D Printed product

-Ships in 5-7 Business days

*Additional time needed for orders with more then one unit*

This item is a BETA release.


No matter the size of your collection, the Hero Complex is the sleekest way to display and organize your favorite Pins.
It’s the only display that you can grow from 8 to 48 seamlessly.

The Hero Complex is lite weight and can be mounted with screws or command strips.

It was designed to display 8 hard case FiGPiNs with plastic identifying sleeve perfectly but can also be used to display soft case and mini FiGPiNs.

It is made out of PLA plastic and is a 3D Printed product manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.



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